All go at Stone Towers

So, here at ‘Stone Towers’ (what we fondly like to call the workshop), the ‘skilled hands’ are adding the finishing touches to our display items for the Swansea @marina_Mkt tomorrow, Sunday 13th May. However, these skilled hands are sticking to the keyboard………….

Come and say ‘hello’ and see what we have to offer: Make a statement with a Welsh slate house number or name sign for your beautiful home; trophies for your clubs, schools and associations with our unique colour printing options; with Father’s Day approaching dare to be different by presenting him with a bespoke medal or trophy, “Best Dad in the World”; add a little magic to your garden, pots and containers with an image print pebble – my current favourite is the garden fairy (she has a story to tell, ask and I’ll tell you). We have a variety of quality products with a range of affordable prices.

Looks like it’s going to be another early start tomorrow so it’s a good job we love what we do. I do hope the weather will hold. Maybe I should consult one of our handcrafted rune sets to find out!!

#handmade #crafting #skills #craftsmanship

bespoke trophy, any image can be inluded

Gower Stone Art 
Gower Heritage Centre

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